WholeBodyCare Manufacturing Cooperative

WholeBodyCare Manufacturing Cooperative

A Nielsen report issued in February 2018, confirmed that Black consumers spend nearly nine times more than their non-Black counterparts on hair and beauty products. Last year, Black women spent $465 million dollars on skin care preparations. Unfortunately, many of the products purchased by Black women are toxic. According to a five-year study by Black Women for Wellness in 2016, “many of our hair products have serious health consequences.” While there have been reports and progress made on a national level regarding transparency in ingredients in personal care products, the trickling down of this information in the most affected communities remain scarce and women of color, particularly Black women, continue to suffer the health consequences.

Through Ujamaa’s Cooperative Business and Entrepreneurship Development Initiative, Ujamaa Collective is seeding the launch of the WholeBodycare Manufacturing Cooperative, with a vision to brand a message of wellness, increase production and access to quality natural products and create cooperative opportunities for local women to gain employment, ownership and experience in the personal care industry. The cooperative will manage the production, sale and marketing of skin, body and hair care products and other value added safe and non-toxic household products using natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients, sourced locally and globally through direct and fair trade practices. It is our objective to create a minimum of five (5) jobs through the establishment of the co-op.

When you partner with Ujamaa Collective, you are affirming that local Africana women have the right to economic stability and meaningful work.

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