What is Ujamaa Collective?

Ujamaa Collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded with a social mission to create spaces, opportunities, networks, education and support for Africana women to grow as entrepreneurs, artisans, and servant-leaders so that we may “lift as we climb.”

We are accomplishing this through our Hill District based artisan boutique, pop-up marketplace events,  arts and entrepreneurship programming, and through our advocacy on health and wealth, including our passion of cooperatives and community wellness. Support and collaboration is provided to our members and partners based locally, regionally and globally.  We are who we seek to serve!

Our Story

The idea was a simple one: Black women, entrepreneurs, acting in unity for the benefit of the individual entrepreneur, the collective and the community. Integral to this concept was the inclusion of a green marketplace that would benefit the Hill District community physically, economically, socially and spiritually.

At first, the response to the call to action was slow. However, with the leadership of it’s founder, Celeta Hickman, Ujamaa soon experienced an exponential growth that expanded its intent into a multi-faceted collective idea, with input from many voices and visions.  Since Spring 2008, the women of Ujamaa Collective have hosted, partnered and supported hundreds of programs and exhibits in surrounding communities of Pittsburgh.  From the region’s first holistic parenting conference to seminars and Kwanzaa celebrations, Ujamaa has served as a supporter and promoter of cultural wholeness and wellness.

The groundbreaking for the Ujamaa Collective Marketplace was in the Spring of 2010, located right in the heart of Centre Avenue. The Ujamaa Boutique also opened it’s doors in 2010, offering the high-quality and handmade goods of the women of the Ujamaa Collective, local and international artisans to the Pittsburgh Region.